How to Re-side a House

Re Siding A House

Re siding a house can be a long, difficult process. The prices can start to add up along with the hours of labor put into it. This often leaves home remodeling jobs unfinished. The commitment to a job like this is one that many people are not often prepared for. Here is a short list of some of the steps that go into Installing Vinyl Siding.

  1. Measure your soffit pieces

  2. Typically, vinyl siding will come in 12-foot increments. So, you will first have to cut these longer sections of vinyl siding to fit the smaller lengths of your soffit. The soffit pieces should measure about a quarter of an inch shorter than the length of the actual soffit on your home. Vinyl siding can expand in warm weather. The 1/4 of an inch is left to allow room for this in the summer months.

  3. Install corner posts

  4. Each corner will need to have half inch sheathing strips on each side. After installing the strips, your corner siding pieces will be attached to these. The posts should run from three quarters of an inch under the base of the strips, to below the eaves.

  5. Side the Fascia & Soffit

  6. Hammer in your lengths of J-channel into the inside edge of the fascia board. This hides the jagged edges and will provide a watertight seal on the soffit where they attach with the fascia. Nail at the slots provided in all soffit and fascia pieces. This allows for expansion.

  7. Install the Vinyl Siding

  8. Before this step, you must first add your installation to the inside of the walls. After the installation is in places, cut the lengths of siding, so each section ends up a quarter of an inch short of the vertical trim. This allows for expansion in warm weather, unless installing in cold conditions, in which case, leave 3/8 of an inch.

  9. Slide the second set of panels into their place below the first, by "hooking" it underneath the strip you installed in step 1. The panels then need to be held in place. Add a nail about every foot and a half, but leave a little bit of the nail head out, to allow for movement.

  10. Overlay the parallel panels

  11. When doing this step, each panel should lay over the other by about an inch. Attempt to make the overlay as least noticeable as possible. Do this by having the side the will be most obvious facing away from the most viewed side of your home.

  12. WINDOWS! These can be a tricky part, and you will learn to hate them if you choose to install siding on your own. When you get to a window, you will need to cut sections from the panels directly above and below it to fit. Measure the width as well as the height of the siding so that it matches that of the window. Also measure the height of the piece by placing a scrap piece of siding beneath the window and mark the necessary height. Transfer this measurement onto the piece of siding and install the cut pieces of siding above and below the windows, as normal.

All of these steps can take hours of time and effort to not only learn how ot do them, but do them right. Siding Contractors can take relieve this problem. There are many qualified Siding companies in the area. At Exterior Siding in Springfield Mo, we do just that. Please feel free to call us at 417-221-8747.


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